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discontiguous selection

Andrew Shalit writes:

>This is a "feature" of the Macintosh user interface.  To get
>a disjoint selection, you have to hold down the clover key.
>If you hold down the shift key, you get a contiguous selection.
>In this sense, the :disjoint option is a superset of the
>:contiguous option.
>  -andrew

Right.  Too bad this feature isn't consistently followed in the Mac
System softeware.  E.g., Font/DA Mover uses the shift key to get
discontiguous selections.  The Finder uses the shift key to extend
selections.  True, the contiguous vs. discontiguous concept is not
meaningful in the Finder's Icon view, but it would make sense in the
View by Name, etc. The Finder's selection behavior is unaffected by
the clover key.

As I recall, this "clover key for discontiguous selection" idea was
first promulgated when the list manager came out.  Too bad they didn't
think of it sooner.

John Doner