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How do I write top level function?

   From: Yasuaki Honda <honda@csl.sony.co.jp>

   I am developing my own toplevel function and get into trouble. Simple
   toplevel function like the following does not work with the
   eval-selection facility provided by Fred window.


   Could someone show me the good example of toplevel function which, at
   least, co-work with evaluation facilities provided by fred window?

Unfortunately, the system which supports the Listener and evaluating
from Fred windows is *very* complicated.  We didn't do very much
work in cleaning this up for users, because we didn't expect
to stand-alone applications to have lisp-environment-like behavior.
(That is, we didn't expect stand-alone applications to need a
read-eval-print loop.)

Your task would probably be simplified if you did not attempt to use
the built-in fred commands for evaluating expressions, but instead
wrote your own fred commands for doing so.  These fred commands could
then send forms directly to your read-eval-print loop.

I hope this information helps.