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System 7.0 support in MACL

A few weeks ago there were some questions about support for System 7.0 features
in future versions of Macintosh Allegro CL.
We are currently developing Macintosh Allegro CL v.2.0.  The MACL v.2.0 Beta
will run under System 7.0.  However, since we are planning to release the beta
of MACL v.2.0 prior to the release of System 7.0, the beta will not fully
support 7.0 features.
System 7.0 support will be part of the MACL v.2.0 final release.  In
particular, we plan to have virtual memory support and AppleEvents support.
The MACL v.2.0 final will be released some time soon after the System 7.0
Why are we releasing a beta version of MACL v.2.0?  We want to get CLOS and the
Steele II changes out to you as soon as possible!
We are still shooting for a release of the MACL v.2.0 Beta through APDA by the
end of this year.  More details (including pricing) to follow . . .
Laura Hamersley
Lisp Product Marketing Manager