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Selection Ranges in FRED Windows

   From: Luke Hohmann <hohmann@csmil.umich.edu>

   I have an application that needs to highlight a non-contiguos range of
   characters in a FRED window. At present, I have written my own code
   to do this, highlighting specifci regions (that I maintain) within the
   FRED window as necessary.

   Of course, this code is written in Allegro 1.2.2 (and I do know that I
   am using an ancient version of MACL), but I am now switching to Allegro
   1.3.2. The support for FRED windows has increased, and I was wondering
   before I start redesigning the entire selection algorithm, perhaps
   someone else may have implemented similar functionality.

1.3 doesn't have any support for multiple-selection regions.  However,
I think 2.0 might.  At one point it had some low level support for
this.  If it still exists, it probably won't be documented.  But, you
could probably still get to it.