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 Problem: How to perform bidirectional `message passing` between
          Allegro-Common-Lisp (ACL) and HyperCard?
          i.e. How to realize an ACL-Interface to HyperCcard and
               a HyperCcard-Interface to ACL?

 Which one of the following topics can I use to solve this problem? :
 - Using `MPW C` + XCMD`s or XFCN`s (ACL <--> MPW C <--> HyperCard)

 -- Integrating HyperCard (incl. XCMD`s and XFCN`s) to an (active)

  - Using the Multifinder (and/or Clipboard) + some events.

Can you help me to solve this problem? It`s urgent.

Thank`s a lot.