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re: HyperCard to ACL (and back)

>  Problem: How to perform bidirectional `message passing` between
>           Allegro-Common-Lisp (ACL) and HyperCard?
>           i.e. How to realize an ACL-Interface to HyperCcard and
>                a HyperCcard-Interface to ACL?

There are some XCMDs for HyperCard and Foreign Functions for
ACL already built in a package from Apple called "Talk To Me".
The only source, I know of, is the Apple Developer CD volume
IV, "Disky Business".   It works as device driver you put in
your system folder to create an IPC mechanism.

You could also use AppleTalk communications protocols.  The
HyperAppleTalk package available from APDA is a good start.

Robert Dominy
Automation Technology Section
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center