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knowledge-based/AI Mac apps

                       Subject:                                Time: 10:22 AM
  OFFICE MEMO          knowledge-based/AI Mac apps?            Date: 10/15/90
Do you know of any intelligent, knowledge-based, expert applications on the
Macintosh?  These can be commercial, internal or research (company or
university).  I'd not interested in tools per se, but in which applications
have been or are being built on Macs with the tools (MACL or others).  We know
of some (e.g., those shown at Apple's AAAI 90 open house), but we'd like to
know of more.  Why?  To get a sense of where the field is going, make
connections between similar efforts, point to success stories, etc.  Also, I'm
considering editing a special issue of an AI journal on Mac applications, and
would like to generate more possible topics/projects/authors.  Send me internet
email at: weyer@apple.com    (or AppleLink: WEYER).


Steve Weyer
Manager, Intelligent Applications, Advanced Technology Group, Apple Computer