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Re: a subject-less request about HC/MACL communication

In message <9010151405.AA04508@fb14vax.cs.uni-sb.de> Kader Diagne writes:
>  Problem: How to perform bidirectional `message passing` between
>           Allegro-Common-Lisp (ACL) and HyperCard?
>           i.e. How to realize an ACL-Interface to HyperCcard and
>                a HyperCcard-Interface to ACL?
>  Which one of the following topics can I use to solve this problem? :
>  - Using `MPW C` + XCMD`s or XFCN`s (ACL <--> MPW C <--> HyperCard)
>  -- Integrating HyperCard (incl. XCMD`s and XFCN`s) to an (active)
>     ACL-Operating-Environment.
>   - Using the Multifinder (and/or Clipboard) + some events.
> Can you help me to solve this problem? It`s urgent.
> Thank`s a lot.

[I wanted to send this with personal mail, but it was returned, so I post it to
 the mailing list]

Have a look at the MACL ftp server (cambridge.apple.com), there is something
called IPC there which seems to do what you want.  I haven't tried it
extensively, but at least I managed to send an (ED-BEEP) from HC to MACL.  And
it beeped in the background!

I guess someone at apple could give some more info on this, and maybe even send 
it to you if you don't have ftp access.

Espen Vestre
Dep. of math.
University of Oslo
pb. 1053 Blindern
N-0316 OSLO 3
Norway                                   espen@math.uio.no