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Getting to Fn Defn. Quickly in Apropos Dialog

  (usual-view-click-event-handler where)
  (when (option-key-p)
    (let* ((sequence_ditem
            (find-if #'(lambda (ditem)
                         (typep ditem *sequence-dialog-item*))
           (sym (ask sequence_ditem
                  (cell-contents (car (selected-cells))))))
      (unless (edit-definition sym)
        (format T "Definition for ~s was not found." sym)))))
#|{10/16/90} Here is hack for apropos dialog for quickly 
moving to function definition via option click on symbol
in listing of found symbols in the apropos dialog.
It is based on analagous code for *backtrace-dialog-class*
submitted by Bill St. Clair <bill@cambridge.apple.com> &
Jeremy Jones <jaj@cambridge.apple.com> } in 
info-macl@cambridge.apple.com mailing list.
  Use at your own risk, though I can't really see any 
great risks involved :-) .
FROM: Lucian Hughes <hughes@ils.nwu.edu
TO: info-macl@cambridge.apple.com