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new version of custom utilities

I just put a new version of my custom utilities at cambridge.apple.com in
pub/MACL/CONTRIB. I can email the .hqx file if you don`t have ftp access.

The custom utilities are basically a collection of code to help access the
Mac ToolBox and create user interfaces. Everthing is provided as source code.

Some highlights are:

 - asynchronous sound support
 - high level device manager interface (routines "not in ROM")
 - high level serial driver interface (routines "not in ROM")
 - serial port streams (serial port access via standare LISP i/o functions)
 - scrolling editable text dialog items

 - PICT dialog items
 - ICON and cicn (color icon) dialog items

 - resource utilities
 - dialog utilities
 - menu utilities (incl pop-up menu support)
 - environment utilities (bounding rectangles for multi-monitor systems)

See the ReadMe file for more details.