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Statistics, sound and other good things (request)

A couple of queries. First, do there exist any statistical packages
which provide support for common statistical functions under LISP?
It doesn't have to be MACL, any Common LISP stats packages would do.
All information about contents, source and availability will be
gratefully received.

Secondly, I'm interested in the possibility of playing sampled sound
(format 1 SND resources) from within MACL. My experiments in this so
far have led to either (a) locking the Mac's sound channel, or
(b) MACL saying disrespectful things about my employers every time
I press the "From Top" button on the Search dialog, so I think it's
time that I sought professional help, as the saying goes.

A few messages back, someone asked about asynch sound in MACL - was
there ever any reply to this? Also, Mike Engber promised sound as
one of the goodies in his stuff in /pub/contrib/macl, but our
machine appears to have some kind of electronic tiff with apple.com
and won't FTP any more, and my previous messages feverishly pleading
for code appear to have been re-routed to Mars. Any generous soul
who wanted to send me source or .hqx distributions of any code
related to this problem would earn my undying gratitude and a
lovingly handcrafted representation of NIL carved in solid air.

While I'm on the subject, I might as well ask a couple of non-MACL
specific queries. One is, are there utilities/hacks for converting
a format 1 SND resource to format 2? Two is, can anyone recommend
a disk recovery kit for getting data off a floppy with a hopelessly
corrupted desktop sector - Disk First Aid obligingly informs me that
the disk is unreadable, but doesn't do anything more constructive.
Third, can anyone direct me to a general Mac mailing list, so that
I can stop wasting your time and bandwidth with these questions.

Thanks in advance,


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