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with-fore-color problem?

I must be doing something stupid here.  I can't get with-fore-color to
display anything but black.  set-fore-color works for me but not

(setq w (oneof *color-dialog*))
(ask w (with-fore-color *red-color* (paint-rect 10 10 50 50)))

prints out a black rectangle on my monitor (yes I have a color monitor).

The doc says I need to put with-fore-color within a window function.
I get the same behavior with:
(defobfun (baz *color-dialog*) nil 
   (with-fore-color *red-color* (paint-rect 10 10 50 50)))
(ask w (baz))

This does work:
(ask w (set-fore-color *red-color*))
(ask w (paint-rect 10 10 50 50))