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RE-MACL- Fill a heap handle

OF: Ability Sys, Randal Jones,PRT, RANDAL.JONES
SUBJECT: RE-MACL- Fill a heap handle
Here's a pretty good question from a developer; does anyone have any insights?
If so, please send them to Paul_Snively.DTS@gateway.qm.apple.com.
ORIGINALLY IN: 7 November 1990   TO ENG:9 November 1990   OUT:13 November 1990
TIME:  10:53 AM
Paul Snively
Developer Technical Support
The content of your link dated: 11/7/90 follows:
How can I fill a handle in the heap with text in a LISP variable?   The form
(with-pstrs ...) is great for small chunks of text, but how to I load a handle
with thousands of characters?  (e.g. for use with munger or drawText).