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Hello, Ruben Klieman, I have tried using your package to link between
Hypercard and Allegro Common Lisp(MACL). There is no problem if I invoke
MACL and load load-ipc.lisp file and use the command Connect-to-hypercard
in a multifinder mode. But the problem arises when I save my program as
an application. There seems to be no communication link between the two
whenever the MAC is restarted.

My program :
(load ccl:ipc:load-ipc.lisp)

(defun main ()
   (invoke my own routines)
The above program was saved as an application and invoked by hypercard.
Some of my doubts are :
   1. Was the link saved when it was being saved as an application ?
   2. Is my procedure correct ?

I would be grateful if you could reply to me asap.
Thank you.