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Sound manipulation code wanted

Many thanks to Michael S. Engber for the resource-reading and sound-playing
code in his custom utilities in cambridge.apple.com:/pub/MACL/CONTRIB.
The use of sound from within MACL has now inspired me to write sound
 *manipulation* code (like adding echos, reverb, reverse effects, etc.) within
MACL as well.  Unfortunately, my mac system hacking is not advanced enough
for me to write the following critical functions:

(defun snd-to-sample-list (snd-resource)
  "Returns a list of the integer sample values which comprise the given SND."

(defun write-sample-list-to-snd-file (file snd-name sample-list 
                                      &optional (rate 22))
  "Creates an SND resource with the given name from the given list of
samples and writes it to the given file."

Of course, anything with similar functionality would also suffice, although
I'd prefer to be shielded from anything having to do with handles, the mac
heap, etc. 

Any code or pointers will be most appreciated.


 -Lee "a lisp hacker trying to avoid Inside Macintosh" Spector