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Fred Question

   Date: 13 Nov 90 15:50:14
   From: Paul Snively <Paul_Snively.DTS@gateway.qm.apple.com>

   REGARDING                Fred Question

   Here's another one from a developer:

   How do I scroll to a particular thing in a Fred window such that I can be
   assured that the thing is visible?

   SET-VIEW-SCROLL-POSITION (if I remember correctly) wants a pixel value.  The
   Fred functions that seem like they would be useful return coordinates local to
   the window, but they return -1 if the object isn't visible, thereby defeating
   the purpose.

   Any hints?


The fred obfun WINDOW-SHOW-SELECTION is probably the closest easiest
thing available.  This is exported but not documented.  It doesn't
take any arguments.