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Re: Sound manipulation code wanted

>Many thanks to Michael S. Engber for the resource-reading and sound-playing
>code in his custom utilities in cambridge.apple.com:/pub/MACL/CONTRIB.
>The use of sound from within MACL has now inspired me to write sound
> *manipulation* code (like adding echos, reverb, reverse effects, etc.) within

>MACL as well.  Unfortunately, my mac system hacking is not advanced enough
>for me to write the following critical functions:
>(defun snd-to-sample-list (snd-resource)
>  "Returns a list of the integer sample values which comprise the given SND."
>  ...)
>(defun write-sample-list-to-snd-file (file snd-name sample-list 
>                                      &optional (rate 22))
>  "Creates an SND resource with the given name from the given list of
>samples and writes it to the given file."
>  ...)
These actually don't sound too hard.  Prediction:  Mike will whip this off
for you in a real short time...in exchange for you echo/reverb/reverse
effects code.
But just in case he can't do it because he's too busy, I'd be willing to
give it a shot, even though I know less about the Mac stuff than he.

>Of course, anything with similar functionality would also suffice, although
>I'd prefer to be shielded from anything having to do with handles, the mac
>heap, etc. 
>Any code or pointers will be most appreciated.
> -Lee "a lisp hacker trying to avoid Inside Macintosh" Spector
Actually, it's pretty fun once you get started.  :-)
Richard "a lisp hacker who couldn't avoid Inside Macintosh, but actually
likes it now" Lynch

"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu