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Drawings and PICT2 pictures in Allegro CL

  I should like first to thank readers of my previous message about positioning
random access files for their excellent and timely response.  It was somewhat
a surprise to find "file-position" in the chapter dealing with creating,
deleting, moving, etc. files, rather than the chapter on I/O.
  I have learned to be more diligent in searching for things in the Common Lisp
standard, and in the Allegro CL description.
  Having searched diligently (I think), I have been unable to find a mechanism
to display drawings, e.g. created by Macdraw, or pictures in PICT2 format.  The
material in Appendix B of the Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp (version 1.3) manual
describes a very low level interface.
  I should like to be able to display several pictures, one atop another using 
transparent writing modes and active graphical objects such as buttons and
windows (the latter two being fairly easy).

Thank you for your attention

Van Snyder