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Re: Drawings and PICT2 pictures in Allegro CL

   Date: Wed, 14 Nov 90 11:56:21 PST
   From: vsnyder@jato.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Van Snyder)
   To: info-macl@cambridge.apple.com
   Subject: Drawings and PICT2 pictures in Allegro CL
     I should like to be able to display several pictures, one atop another using 
   transparent writing modes and active graphical objects such as buttons and
   windows (the latter two being fairly easy).
As it happens, I just wrote some example code for this last weekend.  My code
knows how to display a PICT or PICT2 file in a MACL window.  It's handling of
the color palette is very simplistic (whenever it sees a color-table in a
PICT2 file, it overwrites the window's palette), so you'll have some work
to do there, but it does the hard parts of low-level file I/O and patching
the GrafProcs record.

The code is available for anonymous FTP at cambridge.apple.com in the
file "/pub/MACL/CONTRIB/picture-files.sit.hqx".  If you have trouble
getting it there, ask and I'll mail it to you (it's only 14K bytes).