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Object save/restore avail?

Hello. I need to save a "world" of Lisp objects to secondary storage
and I need to restore them in a later session. My request is: Does
anyone have a Lisp "persistent object store" that could do this? A
general (i.e. language-independent) store would be best but I would
certainly appreciate *anything* that I could get working. I'm using
Object Lisp but I'll be moving to PCL/CLOS with the advent of 2.0
(probably sooner). As I've tried to do in the past, I'll share
anything I do with anyone interested, if it turns out I need to make

Editorial note: I believe that as we (developers and the industry)
adopt object oriented (and model-based) technologies, this feature
will migrate into our programming languages, into the OS, and out
across our networks in the form of "object servers". But in the
meantime a local common lisp implementation would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance.


PS. I asked Andrew about this a few years ago and he suggested saving
an image would do it. He's right, but a cleaner solution would be to
save just the objects I care about (for the obvious reasons). As I was
moving from Lisp Machines to MACL Symbolics was working on a project
to do this (I think it was called Statice). Perhaps there is a Common
Lisp version of that (along the lines of CLIM)... Any ideas?

Matthew Cornell
Knowledge Communication Systems Group
Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Massachusetts/Amherst, MA 01002
(413) 256-6664[home] (413) 545-0582, -3584[office]