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Retrieving documentation strings in CLOS

I'm having trouble retrieving documentation strings from class slots.
For example, if I do

(defclass foo ()
  ((bar :documentation "A useful description"))

and then

(let ((bar-slot-description
       (car (pcl::class-slots (find-class 'foo)))))
  (pcl::slotd-documentation bar-slot-description))

I get "", not "A useful description".  However, if I
use setf (using the same value for BAR-SLOT-DESCRIPTION as above),

  (setf (slotd-documentation bar-slot-description) "This works")

and then execute the let form above again, I get "This works".
It seems like the defclass just ignores the documentation strings
of slots.  What am I doing wrong?  Or is this not implemented in PCL?

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