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Help needed for defining a 2-D table

I require a two dimensional table for my application. Therfore,
I was trying with the following definition:

(setq table-window
      (oneof *dialog*
             :WINDOW-TITLE "Sample Table"
             :WINDOW-POSITION #@(18 220)
             :WINDOW-SIZE #@(420 170)
             :window-font *font-spec*
              (MAKE-DIALOG-ITEM *table-DIALOG-ITEM*
                                #@(2 20)
                                #@(420 150)
                                :table-dimensions #@(2 20)
                                :CELL-SIZE #@(200 16)
                                :TABLE-HSCROLLP nil
                                :TABLE-VSCROLLP T
                                :TABLE-SEQUENCE '(a b c d)
                                :table-nick-name 'table) ) ))

I have few questions and problems. Could someone help me out?

1) Is my :table-dimensions correct? I want to make a table with
   20 rows and 2 columns.

2) How to initialize the table? I couldn't find anything helpful
   in pp.143-147 of the MACL manual where *table-dialog-item* is
   discussed. I used :table-sequence from the *sequence-dialog-item*.
   Anyway, the table wasn't initialized with the list (a b c d).

3) Are the function table-sequence, cell-to-index and  inndex-to-cell
   are also defined for *table-dialog-item*, because in the manual-they are
   defined for *sequence-dialog-item*.

4) I used the following expression:

  (ask table-window (ask-named-item 'table (table-dimensions)))

  to find out the dimensions of the above defined table. I got the following
  error message:

   > Error: Undefined function: TABLE-DIMENSIONS .
   > While executing: #<An Anonymous Compiled-function>
   > Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.

Shawkat Bhuiyan