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help with Allegro Common LISP & communications

Hello out there.  I would greatly appreciate help with any of these questions:

1. Can I get ACL to talk directly to the serial IO port - is there a path
that will do the trick? or do I need foreign functions to do this?

{I plan to have MACL  control another process on another machine thru ethernet. 
The PACER rerouter will make ACL think it is talking to a modem.  This seems
simpler than trying to learn ethernet protocols}. 

2. When will PCL become part of MACL?  (I have ACL 1.3.2).

3. Allegro Flavors:  I am not familiar with either PCL or Flavors.  Could you
briefly compare them?  {For instance, does PCL just provide a few functions for
object oriented functions while Flavors consists of a new programming
environment - (Just guessing.)

Thanks again,
Dave Bright - NIST 
(Formerally NBS - National Bureau of Standards)
Chem A113
Gaithersburg, MD 20899