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Current info-macl archive file?

Howdy. I need to look for some old info-macl messages (which I did not
save) so I checked the cambridge.apple.com archive (/pub/MACL/*) and
found the info-macl-mail file is out of date:

-rw-rw-rw-   1 bin       459020 Aug  1 14:32 info-macl-mail

Would you please tell me if there is a current version still being
maintained (and where)? There is a lot of helpful information moving
around this discussion group and having it archived (and publicly
available) makes a lot of sense. (I realize there is a size problem,
both in terms of server space and transfer times, but perhaps
splitting the file into 200K or so chunks, named by date, would help.)
Thank you and happy holidays!


Matthew Cornell
Knowledge Communication Systems Group
Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Massachusetts/Amherst, MA 01002
(413) 256-6664[home] (413) 545-0582, -3584[office]