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Direct PS printing from MACL

I'm trying to write a MACL utility to generate two-up (two col's in landscape
format) MACL source code listings, similar to what the Save-A-Tree PD utility
does.  In order to get sufficient typographic control, it looks like I'll have
to generate the Postscript directly and then send it over AppleTalk to the
LaserWriter.  Here are several questions:

1.  What's the easiest way to send the Postscript code to the LaserWriter,
presuming I've generated it in a file already:
	a) Use the AppleTalk protocols in the MCL/CONTRIB directory.
	b) Launch a utility like SendPS with the data file named.
	c) etc.

2.  Does anyone know of a legible monospaced font (i.e., not Courier!)?  If not
I'll have to use a proportional font (e.g., Stone Sans, Times, etc.) and 
redefine the side-bearings and character widths for key characters such as "(",
";", " ", etc.

3.  What character (Postscript routine, etc.) is used by MACL in FRED window
listings to indicate line wrapping, i.e., the curved arrows.  I'd like to use

Mike Wirth
GeoQuest Intl./Petroleum Information