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Graphics Worlds From Lisp

I have a 8*24GC accelerator card. It turns out that it is of
no benefit to my offscreen blitting (in fact just the 
oppositte) unless I use the new traps for graphics worlds.
So I'm once more entering the trenches of low level
graphics programming. To this end it would be EXTREMELY 
helpful to have an updated traps.lisp file that included
the _offscreen calls. I was wondering if you'all have
such an updated version????
  Also have any of you, or for that matter anyone else
tried to use these graphics worlds yet? I'm kindof dreading
the attempt :-(

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated,

       Lucian Hughes

P.S. BTW  I have access to the ETO cd rom.
P.P.S. Pointers towards any helpful tech reports etc. would
also be appreciated.