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Re: Faster file I/0

In message <9101021529.AA20527@deimos.oscs.montana.edu> umsfjban@deimos.oscs
.montana.edu writes:
> image, now I just have time for the coffee.  I'm sure the I/O speed can be
> improved, Image 1.31 (and other graphics/image analysis programs) can,
> in 5 seconds, read in what it takes me 5 minutes to write out from MACL.

You're not the only one that has been annoyed by the slow I/O of MACL.
MACL is a wonderful system, and the compiler is incredibly fast.
But the I/O is unbelievably slow.
Has anything been done with this in v. 2.0?

Espen Vestre
Dep. of Math.
Univ. of Oslo, Norway.