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Weird Mac problem when using Apple Common LISP

I recently tried using my copy of Macintosh Allegro Common LISP (or
whatever its name is these days) after a long hiatus and am experiencing
a weird problem.  When I try to start Lisp (double-clicking its icon),
the Mac's screen goes totally batso and the speaker starts generating
static.  I imagine that if sync were getting screwed up in the video
controller this could explain both problems.  LISP worked fine for me a
year ago.  I'm not sure what I might have changed since then.  I don't
have this problem with any other application.


	MacPlus with 4 meg of memory

	Apple/Coral Allegro Common LISP 1.2.2
	(I think I have its MultiFinder allocation set at 2048K)

	Finder 6.

	System 6.0.2 

	A tiny collection of inits (four including EasyAccess, Responder
	and OnCue, sorry, don't remember the fourth).

For what its worth, I installed the 6.4 system release and continue to
have the same problem.

Any idea what might be going wrong?

Also, is release 2.0 available yet?

Does it support CLOS?

Does the system and window interface implementation now use CLOS rather
than (or as well as) ObjectLisp?