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Weird Mac problem when using Apple Common LISP

   Date: Thu, 17 Jan 1991 11:50-0500
   From: Mark Nahabedian <naha@YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>

   I recently tried using my copy of Macintosh Allegro Common LISP (or
   whatever its name is these days) after a long hiatus and am experiencing
   a weird problem.  When I try to start Lisp (double-clicking its icon),
   the Mac's screen goes totally batso and the speaker starts generating
   static.  I imagine that if sync were getting screwed up in the video
   controller this could explain both problems.  LISP worked fine for me a
   year ago.  I'm not sure what I might have changed since then.  I don't
   have this problem with any other application.

Sounds like you might e a virus.  MACL is very sensitive to such things.
Try running a copy of Disinfectant, VirusRX, or some other such program.

Good luck!