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Re:No More Object Lisp

While we're on the subject of converting from ObjectLisp to CLOS, how
about writing some FRED code which handles [semi?]automatically the
syntactic conversion from "(ask ...)" forms to CLOS generic function
calls?  This could also handle much of the conversion for other
ObjectLisp constructs such as "defobject" to "defclass" etc.

This is one of the things that Symbolics has done in the past for
their customers, and shouldn't be to bad for someone who is familiar
with FRED programming (right?).  It doesn't have to be a 100%
translation, just handle as much of the syntactic stuff as is
reasonable without going overboard.  For the places where there
probably needs to be some change, but it's not reasonable to write
code figure for sure what the translation should be (e.g., where it's
not clear whether an object is a class or an instance), leave a marker
that can be readily located with search commands.

Am I way out of line for reqeusting something like this from the MACL
developers?  If so, maybe someone in the community can contribute some
hacks that go part way there.


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