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Re: Table cell dehighlight function ....

   From: Bill St. Clair <bill>
   To: alms
   Cc: bhuiyan@skorpio.usask.ca, info-macl
   Subject: Re: Table cell dehighlight function .... 
   Date: Fri, 18 Jan 91 18:16:09 -0500
      Date: Fri, 18 Jan 91 17:18:09 -0500
      From: Andrew L. M. Shalit <alms>
      To: bhuiyan@skorpio.usask.ca
      Cc: info-macl
      Subject: Table cell dehighlight function ....
         Date: Fri, 18 Jan 91 14:53:45 CST
         From: bhuiyan@skorpio.usask.ca (Shawkat Bhuiyan)
         X-Envelope-To: info-macl@cambridge.apple.com
         Is there any function to dehighlight a table cell, what I mean
         a complementary function of highlight-table-cell?
      Both highlighting and dehighlighting are performed by the
      highlight-table-cell function.  The third argument specifies
      whether the cell is selected or not (so it acts as an indicator
      of the 'highlight state').
      Often highlighting just involves inverting, so it's the same code
      to go one way or the other.
   I'll have to disagree here.
   HIGHLIGHT-TABLE-CELL does I/O to the window in which the table is
   located, but does not affect the selection state of the cell.  The
   manual says that "the highlight-table-cell function should not be
   called directly".  What you want to use is CELL-SELECT or
I wasn't actually disagreeing with Andrew.  He properly described how
HIGHLIGHT-TABLE-CELL is called.  If you are writing an obfun for
HIGHLIGHT-TABLE-CELL, you should look at the third argument to tell
whether to highlight or unhighlight the cell.  If you want to change
the highlighting of the cell, however, you should call CELL-SELECT or
CELL-DESELECT (which change the selection state of the cell as well as
the highlighting).