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2.0 tied to System 7?

   Date: Tue, 22 Jan 91 09:52:48 cst
   From: george@huntsai.boeing.com (George Williams)

   > Date: Mon, 21 Jan 91 19:07 EST
   > From: "Mark A. Son-Bell" <MAS-B@fuji.ila.com>
   > Subject: Re: CLIM on the Mac
   > ...[much stuff deleted]...
   > The full commercial release date is somewhat more problematic, since it
   > is tied to Apple's release of MACL 2, which (we are told) is tied to
   > MacOS 7, which has been slipping for over a year now.  I think a realistic
   > timetable is Mac CLIM beta sometime in late Q1, FCS late Q3/early Q4.
   > ...[more stufff deleted]...
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   Is it true that MACL 2 is tied to the release of System 7.0?

   I was under the impression that it would benefit from 7.0, but not
   require it.

The message posted to the clim mailing list was incorrect.  You're
correct.  I've sent a message to the clim mailing list correcting
the info.