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Standard graphical interfaces?

Date: Mon, 21 Jan 91 09:53+0100
From: Vincent Keunen <Keunen@MILOU>
Subject: Standard graphical interfaces?
cc: vk-envoye@MILOU
In-Reply-To: The message from "UUCP%\"cornell@unix1.cs.umass.edu\""@NRBV01
Message-ID: <19910121085355.3.KEUNEN@MILOU>
Matthew Cornell writes:
    Specifically, if you are succussfully using a portable interface in
    MACL (i.e. one that works on other platforms), would you please tell
    me what package it is, how much it costs, its availability, and how
    you like it (i.e. how easy it is to program complex graphical
I am also very much interested in comments about these packages.  Could
the ones willing to write a short description send it to the info-macl
list?  Could you also tell us the address of some interesting mailing
lists on these subjects?
Thank you for your help
Vincent Keunen
Network Research Belgium
Liege, Belgium, Europe