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Yesterday I received a demo version of the Userland IAC Toolkit. This is
a great piece of work which allows applications under Multifinder to
communicate with one another. It uses message passing techniques with
the message handler being an INIT of 5K.
My question is, is it possible to write a module for MACL in Think C
such that it will run in the background and wait for messages? For it
to send messages is simple: just call an external 'C' module. But to
have the receive module working seems to be very difficult.
The IAC Toolkit works with system 6 and is totally compatible
with System 7. The price is US$395 for object code plus LOTS of example
source code (can't say much for system 7). A price of US$4000 is needed
for full source code to the IAC library and system, plus unlimited
Please email to ISSTTH@NUSVM and I will summarize.