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Re: B&W Windows that are good for Color, Color windows that arent!

I think your problems are more with Color QuickDraw than with MACL.
About pixmaps and cgrafports: you must know that a window can overlap several
monitors, so you might ask yourself which screen pixmap is associated with
the window's port? In that case, it is always the pixmap of the main device.
To CQD, this is a hint that the port is onscreen, and drawing may need to be
done to multiple devices. This is very confusingly explained in IMv5, and
very well explained in IMv6.
Making color offscreen ports, especially in a multiscreen setup is very tricky.
I suggest you look at the sample code from DTS for that, or you use the new
offscreen traps in 32 bits QD. I've done this with MACL, and it works!
     Daniel Ranson.