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I'm having some troubles with the IPC-Software Talk To Me from Ruben Kleiman,
namely the message passing between MACL & HyperCard 2.0 :


- The IPC Driver has been opened (RefNo = -54).
- The tasks named "MACL" and "HyperCard" have been successfully registered both 
  under the TaskType "Receptionist".
- "MACL" has been connected to "HyperCard" via ipc::connect-to-hypercard which adds
   polling to MACL eventhook and launch HyperCard if necessary.


1. MACL Side
   - Example:
     (ipc::IPCWriteString *LispTaskID* HCTaskID* "hide menubar" :priority 1)
     sends the message to HyperCard which comes to the mf-foreground but HC doesn't
     hide the menubar (this example was just for an illustration , I've tried 
     many more). 
     The function IPCWriteString seems to work correctly. When I switch to HyperCard
     via multifinder I can read the message (sent from MACL) via the RETRIEVE XFCN 
     Retrieve("", 2).

2. HyperCard Side
   Similar to the MACL Side. The RETRIEVE XFCNs (all options) only send messages
   but don't register any reaction (reply) from MACL. 
   Example: RETRIEVE ("(* 2 5)") must put 10 into the HyperCard variable It; but it

There seems to be no polling neither from MACL nor HyperCard side. (the longest time 
to pause between polls is 5 ticks). 
May be I do something wrong, but I think some of you have tried to set up a 
MACL<-->HyperCard connection with TTM.
I'll be gratefull for any help.

Thanks in advance.