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QD32 sample

By popular demand, here is a sample of use of QD32 with MACL.
It uses the foreign-function interface and MPW Pascal code, which
may not be exactly what was expected (I haven't tried to write
the trap interface). Use BinHex4.0 and Stuffit1.5 to get the file.
I have some other MACL utilities that I could send if someone is
interested (I don't have access to FTP sites):
- A color-picking dialog item.
- A rectangle dialog item, to frame a group of items.
- A FRED extension to duplicate sexprs with a single click (great
if you've used ZMacs on Symbolics).
- A rather faithful clone of the toplevel loop, useful for recursive
toplevel loops.
- A quick and dirty replacement for PCL very limited but 2x faster
and quite small (40K of source instead of 700K). Features: single
inheritance, primary monomethods on class types, some simple types
and values. No class slots, no SLOT-VALUE, meta-protocols mostly
ignored. Strong restrictions on order of definition and redefinition.
Not to mention some simplifications you could call bugs. But it
works for what I need.
     Daniel Ranson.
PS: some mailers do not like the X400 headers. Using the above
address should work.

(This file must be converted with BinHex 4.0)