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Little help wanted

   Date: Thu, 24 Jan 91 23:19:07 CST
   From: bhuiyan@skorpio.usask.ca (Shawkat Bhuiyan)
   X-Envelope-To: info-macl@cambridge.apple.com

   What I want to do is:

      When I am sending outputs from a program to a file (say out-file),
      I want it to get displyed on a corresponding Fred window.

      I have the following Fred declarartion:
	(setq xx (oneof *fred-window*
			:filename out-file))

      Could someone offer some help. I will appreciate much if 
      I get a small sample program.

The :filename option to (exist *fred-window*) does not automatically
send output to the file.  It merely associates the filename with the
window, so that if you save the window, it goes to that file.

It looks like what you want to do is set up a broadcast stream.
See CLTL-I, page 329 for details.  (I don't have the page reference
in CLTL-II handy.)

The translation of the code above would be:

  (setq xx (make-broadcast-stream (oneof *fred-window*)
                                  (open out-file :direction :output)))