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Does anyone have a *simple* DBMS for MACL?

Hi there.  I am in the process of significantly enhancing a Pascal
Programming environment designed for high school students that is
written in MACL.  At present we provide the students with descriptions
of the functional purpose of the language construct, a description
of it's data objects, etc. 

For example, the writeln construct has this for a functional description:

   "A Pascal language construct used to write an expression to the
    screen terminated by a carriage return."

The code description lists:

   WRITLEN(an expression);

You get the picture.  Also, not suprisingly, since this text is rather
small I store this information inside the object that represents a
particular language construct.

Our research has indicated that the students need a great deal more 
information to properly understand how to use different language constructs.
Thus, I want to provide the students with examples of how to use the
code, expanded demonstrations of how to use the code, contrasts to
other but similar language constructs, etc.

I can't store this information within the object - it's large!  Does anyone
know of a simple data base management system I can use that is written
in MACL to help manage this task?

Any code or directions to code will help.  Please send mail directly to
my address.  If I get a bunch of interesting responses (and I know I will)
I will summarize and post.

  -- Luke