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Re: An infrequent error

   ;SOMETIMES when we start up with our main file
   ;(ie double-click on it in Finder), the following error comes up:
   > While executing: CCL::RECORD-SOURCE-FILE
   > Error: Can't throw to tag CCL::%MODAL-DIALOG .
   > While executing: WINDOW-EVENT
   > Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.
   ;I can only surmise that somehow the window gets built
   ;and has null-event-handler called on it BEFORE the
   ;modal-dialog tag exists, but that doesn't seem right...
I haven't tried running your code, but as a guess, I'd try not showing
the window when you first create it.  Let MODAL-DIALOG do that for you:

(oneof *ABOUT*
       :window-show nil