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According to the manual, dumplisp "executes all the functions on the list
*save-exit-functions*.  This list initially contains a single function that
closes all windows, takes down and stores the current menu bar, and
disposes of other pointers to the Macintosh heap.  Macintosh Allegro CL
then performs a garbage collection and dumps the heap image."

This raises some questions:

  After the dumplisp finishes, the menubar is restored, and a listener pops
up.  Is this accomplished by executing *restore-lisp-functions* or is this

  The menu bar that is saved in this description:  If it bears no
resemblance at all to the *default-menu-bar*, is it restored?  Are the
mac-pointers taken care of?

  Is there any way to do a dumplisp and then quit?  We tried (dumplisp
"name") (quit) and the (quit) seemed to have been ignored.

  Basically, we want to do a dumplisp to save the data rather than using a
data-file (this will be done periodically as a backup) because it is so
much faster.  Has anyone tried this?  Any comments or suggestions?

"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu