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Portable Utilities for Common Lisp

This is the first message to the Common Lisp Utilities list in several months.

There are new versions of all the utilities. All reported bugs have
been fixed, and many requested features have been added. In addition
to the four old utilities, there are several new ones: Source Compare,
FrameWork (generic frame representation system), User Manual (creates
a user manual from documentation strings), RegExp Matcher. There are
also some text files of interest to lisp programmers. See the
file README for short descriptions of all the files in this directory.
The file UPDATES lists major changes in the utilities. Detailed
listings of changes are recorded in a change log in the source files.

In several of the files you may notice that I list what lisps the
utilities have been tested in. If you use the utilities in some other
lisps, please let me know (especially if there are incompatibilities
and you want help porting them).

Documentation contained within the files has been updated somewhat,
but not completely. A user guide for all the utilities will be done in
a few weeks.

The utilities are available by anonymous ftp from a.gp.cs.cmu.edu in
the directory /usr/mkant/Public/. cd to the directory in one
unit, since intermediate directories are protected.

Here's an example of using ftp to obtain copies of the software.
   % ftp a.gp.cs.cmu.edu
   Connected to A.GP.CS.CMU.EDU.
   220 A.GP.CS.CMU.EDU FTP server (Version 4.105 of 10-Jul-90 12:07) ready.
   Name (a.gp.cs.cmu.edu:mkant): anonymous
   331 Guest login ok, send ident as password.
   230 Filenames can not have '/..' in them.
   ftp> cd /usr/mkant/Public
   250 Directory path set to /usr/mkant/Public.
   ftp> ls
   200 PORT command successful.
   150 Opening data connection for ls (,2628).
   [...rest of listing deleted...]
   226 Transfer complete.
   396 bytes received in 0.17 seconds (2.3 Kbytes/s)

As always, please send bug reports, comments, suggestions, and
complaints to mkant+@cs.cmu.edu.