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Problem with :disjoint selection type in *sequence-dialog-item*

   Date: Mon, 4 Feb 1991 09:34-0500
   From: Mark Nahabedian <naha@YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>

   I am having trouble getting disjoint selection to work in a list dialog
   item.  I'm using *sequence-dialog-item* with the :selection-type
   :disjoint initialization argument.  (I may have mis-recalled the names
   for tis message, but what's in my program is from the manual).  The
   behavior I am getting is that for :contiguous rather than that for
   :disjoint.  Is there a patch to fix this?

   I think the version I'm using is Coral Alegro 1.2.2.

Someone reports this every month or so.  You only get disjoint
selection if you hold down the command key when you click.  This isn't
something MACL invented.  It's part of the list manager interface.
(The list manager is the Mac ROM package which we use to implement

This is documented in the same place that :disjoint selections
are documented (I think), but we should clearly make it more
prominant, because people run into it all the time.