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dumplisp (sort of)

Well, I actually got it working, except...

ccl::restore-lisp-pointers is not a normal function, so when I tried to do
(ccl::restore-lisp-pointers), I got an error that said there was no such

No sweat, I'll just:

(defconstant *ccl-restore-lisp-pointers* (car *restore-lisp-functions*)
"It's some funky Non-Global Kernel function that I need."

and then to call it:

(funcall *ccl-restore-lisp-pointers*)

within my own conditional restore.

This works fine when evaluated, and even as a stored image, but when I try
to compile it:

> Error: #<Compiled-function CCL::RESTORE-LISP-POINTERS (Non-Global) (Kernel)> is not a
 valid argument to NIL .
> While executing: #<An Anonymous Compiled-function>
> Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.
1 > 

So I can live with having a small file uncompiled that does the hacking
needed to do this, but I'm curious as to just what IS this (Non-Global)

PS, Can I call (quit) during a re-start or the image without calling this
funky function?  Or does it set up something needed by the MAC system to
reclaim memory or whatever needs to happen to allow quit to function
properly.  Experimental evidence suggests no, but...

"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu