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Millisecond Timing in MACL...

   Date: Sun, 17 Feb 91 23:21:07 -0500
   From: waander@cs.UMD.EDU (Bill Andersen)

     Is there an easy way to bypass the event handling mechanism in MACL 
   for getting responses from a user?  I'm writing some code to perform
   psychology experiments and the 1 tick (16.67 ms) granularity of the
   event system is not going to do the trick.  Please, someone save me
   from having to do some real C hacking or (God help me) assembler!!!

     I want to monitor both mouse clicks and keyboard responses.  Thanks
   in advance...

     ...Bill Andersen

What makes you think the event system has a 1 tick granularity?
Granted, that's the fastest rate at which EVENT-DISPATCH will
automatically be called by the MACL preemption mechanism.  But,
your program is free to sit in a loop and call EVENT-DISPATCH as
frequently as it likes.