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Re: repositioning step window

> Hello,
> is it possible to specify coordinates for the step window
> so that it doesn't show up with top:left = 0:0? It happens I'm drawing
> something right at that location that I'd like to step.

  Hi, the way the step window is implemented is somewhat bizarre due to
the unavailability of a *fred-window-dialog-item*. A step window is a
fred window on top of a dialog. Of all the ways to solve your problem, the
less kludgee I found is with the following function:

(defun reposition-step-window (new-position)
  (let ((windows (windows)))
    (ask (second windows)
      (set-window-position new-position)
      (let (;; necessary if new-position is :centered
            (step-position (window-position)))
        (ask (first  windows)
          (set-window-position (add-points step-position #@(6 6))))))))

and doing your stepping the following way
(step (progn
        (reposition-step-window :centered) ;or any other position

In the step window you just do a Skip over the reposition-step-window

Hope this helps.
Guillaume Cartier
LACIM, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.