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Re: repositioning step window

   Date: Sat, 23 Feb 91 14:29:21 EST
   From: Eliot Handelman <eliot@clarity.Princeton.EDU>
   To: info-macl@cambridge.apple.com
   Subject: repositioning step window
   is it possible to specify coordinates for the step window
   so that it doesn't show up with top:left = 0:0? It happens I'm drawing
   something right at that location that I'd like to step.
   --eliot handelman
   cognitive science, princeton u.
Something like this should work (warning, untested code follows):

(defvar *ccl-step-window* ccl::*step-fred-window*)
(setq ccl::*step-fred-window* (kindof *ccl-step-window*))

(defvar *step-window-position* (make-point -X- -Y-))   ; fill in -X- & -Y-

(defobfun (exist ccl::*step-fred-window*) (args)
  (usual-exist args)
  (let ((dialog (objvar ccl::my-step-dialog)))
    (ask dialog (set-window-position *step-window-position*))
    (set-window-position (add-points *step-window-position* #@(6 6)))))