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Re: dialog items we all need

1.  Seeing yet another post about scrolling text dialog items has made me
wonder if we couldn't get together here in this forum, spec out what needs
to be done to extend MACL X.X.X in terms of dialog-items and low-level
stuff, and then divvy up the problems so we aren't all re-inventing the
wheel and copying someone's code to alter it to a special purpose that
isn't all that special but the first author didn't think of it at the time
he/she/it wrote the code.
It would probably be better to have several (groups of) people working on
any given piece so that if someone can't come through, everyone else is not
left high and dry.

2.  Anyone know a QUICK easy way to "invert" an icon the way Finder does? 
It's not a simple inversion of the 32x32 bits.  Is there some sort of
routine that does edge detection and inverts everything inside the
outermost border?  Or has an "inverted icon" been provided for each Finder

"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu