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Why do *sequence-dialog-item*'s blink when changing them?

The blink is rather annoying.  Here is some code that exhibits this

(defobject *nameobj*)
(defobfun (exist *nameobj*) (init-list)
  (have 'name (getf init-list :name "sample"))
   (init-list-default init-list)))

(defun print-nameobj (a-nameobj a-stream)
  (declare (object-variable name))
  (format a-stream "~a" (ask a-nameobj name)))

(setf testd
      (oneof *dialog*
             :window-type :document :window-title "sample dialog"
             :window-position #@(364 127)
             :window-size #@(300 150)
             (list (oneof *sequence-dialog-item*
                          :dialog-item-position #@(17 18)
                          :dialog-item-size #@(156 48)
                          :dialog-item-text "Sample"
                          :dialog-item-nick-name 'nameobj-list
                          :cell-size #@(200 16)
                          :table-hscrollp nil
                          :table-print-function 'print-nameobj
                          :table-vscrollp t
                           (oneof *nameobj* :name "randy")
                           (oneof *nameobj* :name "brad")
                           (oneof *nameobj* :name "luke"))))))

;  When executed, this code will make the dialog-item "blink"
;  is there any way to prevent this?
(ask testd
  (ask-named-item 'nameobj-list 
     (list (oneof *nameobj* :name "sue")
           (oneof *nameobj* :name "iris")
           (oneof *nameobj* :name "kathy")))))