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file creator change

   Date: Fri, 8 Mar 91 11:04:37 EST
   From: nicktrou@rodan.acs.syr.edu (Nikos B. Troullinos)

   I would like to be able to save files with a creator other than 'CCL ' from
   the Save and Save As... menu items. Can it be done by incrementally altering
   the 'window-save' and 'window-save-as' objfuns instead of rolling my own
   complete substitutes? Thanks,

Do you mean Fred windows, or windows of your own documents?  If you
mean Fred windows, then you should just subclass Fred, and add the
desired behavior.  If you mean other windows, then you should probably
roll your own versions of WINDOW-SAVE and WINDOW-SAVE-AS.

Note, if you subclass Fred, I believe there is a variable called
something like *DEFAULT-EDITOR* or something like that.  It determines
what class is used to create new editor windows.  You can put your
Fred subclass in that variable.